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SAC vs Calcium Supplements

By March 1, 2018Resources, SAC

SAC vs Calcium Supplements

SAC Calcium is Unique in its Absorption & Physiological Effects in our body

Calcium Dilemma
We All Face

Astronauts lose 14-30% bone health for 6 months in ISS.

Many are Calcium Deficient Still With Much Calcium Intake. Why?

A survey of 13 space station astronauts found that their bone strength dipped by at least 14% on the average during their half-year stays aboard the orbiting laboratory. Three of the astronauts lost up to 30% of their bone strength during their spaceflights despite the most advanced and nutritionally balanced diet. Reason? In space, there is no gravity that stimulates bone turnover to utilize the calcium from the diet, which has to be converted from its protein-bound form to the ionic form (Ca2+) for use.

Since our body can only use ionic calcium for all physiological functions, the astronauts’ body has no choice but to release critically required ionic calcium from their bones.  Despite being on advanced calcium-rich diets, protein-bound calcium from the food was not readily usable for the body’s required ionic calcium needs and therefore much of it is excreted unused. This is the calcium dilemma we all face.

Similar effects happen to the rest of us as we age who tend to be more sedentary with a minimum challenge to our bones. Combined with stress, age-related hormonal changes, accumulation of toxins, and unhealthy diet and lifestyle, deteriorating bone health is inevitable despite sufficient calcium intake. This is ‘perceived’ calcium deficiency. Unlike vitamin deficiency which is resolved with simple supplementations, calcium supplementation, on the contrary, often leads to more calcification than addressing the deficiency.

So, when 75% Americans are diagnosed with calcium deficiency and recommended to take calcium supplements, are we to take it or not?

Because orthomolecular doctors are concerned about calcium accumulation in the vascular system and in soft tissues over many years, and they blame dietary calcium.  With our sedentary lifestyle, most of the protein calcium is not well utilized and ends up causing acid rebound, vascular calcification, kidney damage, and mineral imbalance.  Some studies linked greater risk of heart attack for people taking calcium supplements. More doctors recommend calcium intake from calcium rich vegetables than from supplements. Also, these doctors are well aware of the vast magnesium deficiencies that exist and are afraid that supplemental calcium will compete with magnesium for absorption.

A German study found a significantly increased risk of heart attack among women taking calcium supplements. (June 2012, Heart)

Why are Leading Orthomolecular Doctors Anti-Calcium?

Calcium Utilization is a Bigger Issue than Absorption

Calcium from food and supplements need strong stomach acid and help of vitamin D3 and peptides to be absorbed as protein-bound calcium via duodenum.  Protein calcium is not readily utilized as we age and contributes to calcification.

Here is the problem.  If we are just looking at the thinning bones, more than 75% Americans are calcium deficient.  But, American diet has good amount of calcium.  Of course, there is absorption problem as we age.  The stomach needs a strong acidic environment for calcium absorption from food or supplements, and people over the age of 60 produce only 1/4 of the stomach acid they did when they were 20, leading to poor absorption of calcium.  It is important to get that calcium absorbed, but more serious issue is being able to utilize the absorbed calcium.  If our body cannot utilize protein calcium and keeps getting the needed ionic calcium from bones, then this ‘preceived’ calcium deficiency leads to 150+ different degenerative diseases, including Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, metabolic syndrome, obesity, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, high cholesterol, hypertension, allergies, cancer, and more.

The key is to slow down the bone loss but calcium supplementation has not proven effective against it.  It may aggravate calcification and damage our health more.

Even with a plethora of calcium supplements sold in America, incidences of osteoporosis are still on the increase. Why?  There are many problems with traditional calcium supplements.

Some calcium supplements have absorption rates that are too low to be of use and also causes digestive issues.  Other supplements may boast better absorption rate with less digestive issues and are sold at higher prices.  There are many different sources, too, such as from coral, plants or algae.  They may also vary in quality, but the common problem is that all that absorbed calcium still enters our blood vessels as ‘inactive’ protein-bound calcium which our body may not be able utilize readily to supply needed iconic calcium and build bones. Why?

Protein calcium is only utilized after extensive exercise which most elderly Americans do not engage in. Even worse, high calcium intake in this protein-bound form develops side effects such as acid rebound, kidney damage, vascular calcification, and mineral imbalance.  For these reasons, many trained medical professionals discourage the use of calcium supplements.  Moreover, still there is ‘ionic’ calcium deficiency for those who take in too little calcium or even too much calcium.  Only ionic calcium supplement can resolve this dilemma.

What is the Best Calcium Supplement?

Damaging Effects of
Calcium Supplementation

Dr. Thomas E Levy said, “it is precisely the chronic loss of calcium from its large bony reservoir that continually feeds  the excess presence of calcium elsewhere in the body…Calcium supplementation and excess dairy intake only further fuel this excess extra-skeletal calcium presence.”

For decades people are misinformed that we can prevent bone loss by putting more calcium in our body. More recent studies have not only confirmed the ineffectiveness of calcium supplementation in regard to bone protection but also warned against the elevated risk of a heart attack due to vascular calcification. This calcium displacement also happens in soft tissues, joints, and even intracellular spaces.

According to Dr. Thomas Levy, the author of “Death by Calcium,” calcification is the leading cause of chronic degenerative diseases. In fact, it is the loss of calcium from our bony reservoirs that triggers body-wide calcification together with unused protein-calcium.

Calcium is the most difficult and misunderstood nutrient because unlike other nutrients, simply supplementing calcium does not resolve the deficiency nor protect against thinning bones. Hence, more and more orthomolecular doctors advise their patients not to take calcium supplements for fear of calcification that may pose greater health risk than fractures. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle may help slow down bone loss. Still, no supplements and drugs were proven effective in reversing bone loss and clear the calcium displacement (calcification), which is suspected to be one of the primary causes of aging and degenerative diseases, even cancer.

A logical solution to all these calcium issues is providing calcium in its physiologically-active ionic form instead of protein-bound form. Calcium in ionic form triggers bone-building osteoblasts to rebuild thinning bones and at the same time clear systemic calcium displacement.

Almost all your body’s calcium is stored in bone, but the tiny amount that circulates in your bloodstream is disproportionately vital to normal physiology.

About half of this circulating calcium (50%) is “ionized”, which means it carries electrical charges.

Ionized calcium (Ca2+) is the only physiologically active form that can be recognized by our body and absorbed in our bones by stimulating hormones, which trigger the bone formation process .

Ionized calcium in the blood is so vital that the body cannot permit it to fluctuate. Therefore, even a slight increase in the concentration of ionized calcium in the blood triggers the bone building process to take excess calcium into bones.

Utilizing this process is by far the most effective and safe way to build bone density, since it follows the body’s natural bone building mechanism.  Being the world’s first iconic calcium supplement, SAC triggers osteoblasts to build bones and in the process activates protein calcium and even clears body-wide displaced calcium. 

What Is the Role of Ionic Calcium?

Functions of Ionic Calcium in Our Body

Muscle and Heart Contraction
Bone and Teeth / Blood Clotting
Stem Cell Regulation
Neuro-Transmitter / Fertilization
Hormone secretion / Enzyme Activation
Immune system / Cell Membrane Stability
Cell Functions and DNA Replication

Bone Building Process by Ionic Calcium

When the calcium ion concentration rises even slightly, the thyroid gland immediately increases the secretion of calcitonin into the blood, which removes calcium from the blood plasma and deposits it as new bone.

The above process is both natural and safe, but there has simply been no way to add ionized calcium into our blood serum directly to initiate the bone formation process… until today.

The revolutionary SAC Formulation Technology has made possible what other calcium supplements and prescription drugs could not achieve… Supporting and sustaining the natural bone-building process through the influx of calcium ions, made possible by SAC Therapy.

“A wide range of Ca2+ signaling systems deliver the spatial and temporal Ca2+ signals necessary to control the specific functions of different cell types, and ongoing transcriptional processes need to maintain the integrity and stability of these cell-specific signaling systems.

However, these homeostatic systems are highly plastic and can undergo a process of phenotypic remodeling… resulting in the Ca2+ signals being set either too high or too low.

Such subtle dysregulation of Ca2+ signals has been linked to some of the major diseases in humans, such as cardiac disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Calcium signaling Remodelling and Disease,  Michael J. Berridge, Biochemical Society Transactions, Mar 21, 2012,

Cellular Calcification Leads to Degenerative Diseases. Ionic Calcium Can Reverse the Process.

SAC Ionic Calcium vs. Regular Calcium


  1. Only SAC provides physiologically active calcium that activates inactive calcium for full calcium utilization.
  2. Only SAC clears displaced calcium and brings it back to where it belongs, our bones, as it brings body-wide decalcification.
  3. Only SAC triggers amazing therapeutic effects from the cellular to the systemic level.
  4. Only SAC regulates body pH to ideal 7.4, which enhances oxygen delivery, inhibits pathogen spread, and eases inflammations.
  5. Only SAC is the true ionic calcium delivery system. Unique without competition.