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SAC Therapy Dosing Protocol (Book)

By March 27, 2020books, SAC

SAC Therapy Dosing Protocol (Book)

Version 1 (2020), Pronuvia

Pronuvia’s SAC therapy utilizes the world’s first calcium-ion-delivery-system called Sigma Anti-Bonding Molecule Calcium Carbonate (SAC-CaCO3), invented by CBHI, a research institute based in BC, Canada.

SAC therapy employs ionic calcium supplementation to successfully elevate the level of physiologically active plasma ionic calcium, triggering our body’s natural functions to build strong bones and re-establish healthy calcium homeostasis. Appropriating influx and efflux of calcium ion modifies mitochondrial functions, improves oxidative stress, and normalizes cellular calcium signaling, which is the key to treating chronic degenerative diseases.

By providing calcium in ionic form, which is the only physiologically active form of calcium in our body, SAC therapy addresses ionic calcium deficiency better than protein-bound calcium supplied through diet and popular calcium supplements available in the market today.

This dosage protocol guideline provides participating physicians with suggestions on how Pronuvia’s SAC-applied products can be utilized effectively in treating communicable and degenerative diseases. By eliciting calcium-sensitive physiological responses that counteract the root cause of diseases, SAC therapy is recommended as a part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. Ionic calcium treatment is still evolving and is undergoing clinical evaluations by participating researchers and doctors.  Pronuvia appreciates many participating physicians for providing inputs in fine-tuning the dosage protocol.

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