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Pronuvia, Simplified.

By April 26, 2018Resources


Calcium is one of the body’s key minerals that transmit hormone balancing electric charges when dissolved in body fluids such as blood, but most of the body’s calcium is uncharged—or on standby instead of action-ready—and is bound to protein that takes so much energy to unbound, many remain in that state moving through the bloodstream, instead of entering the cells where they are needed.

Pronuvia’s SAC technology delivers weakly-bound calcium mixes with a big glass of drinking water, and as you drink the no-taste solution it begins absorption along the linings leading to the stomach. As it reaches the stomach it is forced by osmosis out directly into the bloodstream, already in ionized form. Fortunately, this new kind of chemistry does not lead to unwanted, kill-me-now adverse effects. This ionic calcium metabolizes into the body as carbon dioxide and water—both of which even a weak body knows how to deal with. For the first time in the history of medicine*, SAC provides low-dose but super dissolved calcium ion directly into our system in an amount sufficient to trigger the body’s natural healing responses.

Pronuvia’s job ends where the body is able to take over utilizing its immense potential to heal itself once balance is restored. Sigma Anti-bonding Calcium (SAC) technology is probably today the latest most potential way of pulling fast-deteriorating bodily system back into proper balance simply because of calcium ion’s role in over 147 processes. Corrected balance restores our body’s powerful function to heal itself and patients experience health improvements fast without debilitating side effects.

Anti-bonding of SAC calcium makes it hundreds of time more water soluble than conventional calcium supplements and maximizes the calcium absorption rate by 200 times more, all because SAC is passively absorbed without requiring any biochemical energy from cells. Common ‘electrically-neutral’ calcium supplements must go through active transport to be absorbed by digestion involving peptides and vitamin D. This process brings calcium into our blood vessels as physiologically inactive protein calcium.

Who Benefits From Pronuvia?

A product of 5 years of intense research and development, we are proud to say that Pronuvia can be a great alternative for the following:

Cancer patients who are looking for other alternatives to chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is an established procedure to treat confirmed malignancies, but its invasive procedure often leave patients physically, mentally, and emotionally weaker due to its severe side effects. Although this is usually the recommended treatment for all types of cancer, its success rate only ranges from 2.1% to 2.3% (link to study – attached also in email) Pronuvia’s MaraGen aims to detoxify the body from pathogens and harmful substances and can be used as an alternative medicine for incurable diseases. This is specifically formulated for patients with cancer and incurable diseases. As compared to chemotherapy, MaraGen is mixed with water and is consumed daily before meals. No invasive procedures necessary.

Cancer patients who are willing to go through chemotherapy but are
physically too weak to undergo the laborious process.

Unfortunately, there are cancer patients who are willing to undergo chemotherapy but are too weak to tolerate its invasive and draining procedure. Pronuvia’s products can be used to help strengthen patients’ bodies month by month for 3 months, and if the body is getting back its ability as evidenced by lab tests each month, the doctor can better decide to continue Pronuvia dosing for another 3 months, before assessing whether chemotherapy or radiation is still necessary.

Patients who have calcium ion deficiency-related diseases

Aside from cancer, Pronuvia’s SAC technology can be used in other diseases where calcium-ion deficiency is confirmed connected. It has the potential to re-enable the body to improve over 147 calcium-related diseases such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Arrhythmia, Crohn’s Disease, Bone Neurosis, Health Palpitation, Calcium-related infertility. Pronuvia’s other products aside from MaraGen are:

  • Alzigen
  • Cartigen – great for Arthritis and joint health
  • Megagen – great for Osteoporosis and bone health
  • Osso Jr. – great for children to help them grow to their full potential height

Pronuvia products, although registered as dietary supplement in mineral levels must be administered by aa medical practitioner who has knowledge and training in its use. Patients are discouraged from self-medication due to the product’s advanced technical specifications. For more information on Pronuvia and partner doctors, please email us at pronuvia@gmail.com.