Introducing Powerful Ionic Calcium Supplement

SAC (Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium) is ionic calcium supplement that helps restoring calcium homeostasis.


Ionic calcium helps maintaining optimal health

Many published clinical studies have confirmed the connection between ionic calcium imbalance and chronic degenerative diseases.


SAC provides physiologically active calcium

Most calcium supplements do have absorption problem. Absorbed as protein-bound calcium, its utilization as ionic calcium is also limited. SAC provides ionic calcium which aging requires more.


Who are we?

Our proprietary Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium (SAC) technology provides innovative ionic-calcium supplementation in simple oral form. SAC calcium carbonate restores our body’s natural balance by activating our body’s powerful healing mechanisms through restoring calcium homeostasis.

Being 200x more soluble than regular calcium carbonate, SAC stands as a true calcium-ion delivery system.  Restored calcium homeostasis induces cellular decalcification, supports optimal cell signaling, and restores robust mitochondrial functions.  By improving our body’s health from the cellular level up, we shoot for a miraculous recovery from 150+ diseases that are attributed to calcium imbalance.


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