Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I purchase your products online directly? There is no purchase options on your website.

Pronuvia markets products only through physician’s office. Please contact your physician for more information or call our office to find closest participating physician’s office.

How should the products be stored? Is refrigeration necessary? How does the temperature affect the product?

Products must be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Depending on the storage temperature, precipitation may accumulate in the bottom of the bottle which will dissolve upon shaking and won’t affect the potency of the product.

MaraGen is 2.5x more expensive than MegaGen. What is the main difference?

If each product is mathematically solved, showing the effect and performing factor numerically,
MegaGen (2.5 mg SAC calcium) is 〖log〗_2.5⁡x = titer.
If X is 5, the titer is 97.65 (5 is the number of MegaGen, which is set to the standard of about 100)

MaraGen (3.8 mg SAC Calcium) has 〖log〗_3.8⁡y = titer.
If y is 5, the Marah-Cel titer is 792.35.

However, since x and y are manufactured differently in the manufacturing process, the physical properties of calcium are different and y>5 or 〖log〗_(>3.8)⁡y.
Therefore, even if you take the same amount of volume, Theologically, MaraGen is 8 times more effective.
(However, since there are many variables to be considered in the body, it cannot be quantified.)

Should the supplement be taken before or after meals? What is the best time to intake?

The supplement has to be taken in an empty stomach to prevent interaction with food and strong stomach acid. Also, our body is ready to take nutrition from food after SAC calcium is in our system. Therefore, 1 hour or at least 30 min before meals is suggested. Some prefer to take it the first thing in the morning before breakfast and some prefer between meals. SAC may induce urination and thus recommended to be taken before bed.

Could you provide additional information for intake?

  1. Mild Dosage: Take one does a day, mixing 2.5 ml of SAC to 300 ml water.
  2. Mid-Range Dosage: For kids, take one does a day, mixing 2.5 ml of SAC to 300 ml water. For adults, take one does a day, mixing 5 ml of SAC to 500 ml water.
  3. Maximum Dosage: Take 2~3 times a day, mixing 5 ml of SAC to 500 ml water.

Why is the product mixed with water? Could the amount of water be less for those who cannot drink much water?

We recommend 1:100 ratio of SAC with water for optimum absorption by diffusion. For young people, 2.5 ml mixed with 250 ml of water will trigger appropriate responses. For adults 5 ml in 500 ml of water is the appropriate amount for desired effect. Mixing with less water does not make the solution stronger and decreases the absorption rate, making it less effective. Water molecules clustering around SAC is what makes SAC absorbable, and thus taking SAC solution without mixing with water will render no effect at all.

Once mixed with water, how long does the supplement maintain its potency? Should it be taken right away or stretched into a longer period of time?

SAC calcium is 200 times more soluble than regular non-ionic calcium products. Pulling water molecules to cluster around it, SAC molecules can retain its properties up to a day exposed to open air. It lasts up to 10 days if stored in an air-tight plastic bottle. In a glass bottle that that does not pass oxygen, it could last up to 6 months. Once mixed, we recommend the product to be taken within an hour.

How is it possible to have the absorption rate of SAC calcium to reach 99%?

When you take 2.5mg to 5mg of SAC calcium products, the calcium is absorbed as calcium ions up to 99% through passive movement through the membrane of your digestive system, without requiring digestion.

SAC calcium has 200 times the ionization rate compared to other calcium compounds, providing more calcium ions than any other products containing calcium. There is good amount of calcium in anchovy, cheese, and bone broth but it exists as calcium phosphate with strong ionic molecular bonding. Trapped calcium in such compounds is not easy to pull free.

Moreover with calcium, what is more important is not the amount of absorption but the state it is in and the function it plays in our body respectively. Calcium ion (active calcium) plays physiologically very differently role in our body in contrast to other calcium compounds (inactive calcium) in our body. Introduction of small amount of calcium ions in our body changes pH in our body fluid which in turn sharply increases the amount of calcium absorption from food we intake and utilizes this otherwise inactive calcium for building bones.

Every product contains small amount of trace mineral. How many different minerals are used for your products? How do they work together with SAC calcium?

In addition to 28 different kinds of minerals that are included to augment the effects of SAC, other trace minerals are included, totaling about 50 minerals. Many measurement devices will not be sensitive enough to measure these trace minerals, however. Selenium, Magnesium and Zinc are more present in our products. Though all these essential minerals pray important role for our body’s health, the key ingredient of our products is SAC calcium, which delivers ionized calcium to our blood stream directly. Most minerals are found enough in organically grown vegetables.

For example, here are some known effects of minerals.

Magnesium (Mg): Liver, kidney, pancreas function, detoxification of body, regulation of excretion and sugar levels, generation and maintenance of enzymes, controlling the function of hemoglobin, carbohydrate catabolism, formation of flexible muscle, body shape adjustment and the maintenance of balance

Vanadium (V): Growth and reproduction control, bone, cartilage, tooth health, strengthening of neurons, oxidation, fat metabolism, hematogenous function, prevention of bleeding, peripheral blood vessel reinforcement, heart reinforcement

Barium (Ba): As the mixture of stable isotopes, complementary function in various metabolism in cell, essential mineral, element supporting the function of calcium

Selenium (Se): Protect chromosome from damage and promote the recovery of gene. Antioxidative activity is 2000 times stronger than vitamin E. Thyroid hormone metabolism, heavy metal detoxification, antioxidant. Maintain cell membrane.

Zinc (Zn): Boosts growth. Supports numerous bodily functions.

Rubidium (Rb): Supports balanced mood.

Iodine (I): Controls the function of thyroid

Phosphorous (P): Consists of bone structure and tooth. Maintain the balance of acid and alkali

Chromium (Cr): Normalizes the function of insulin. Supports healthy cholesterol.

Copper (Cu): Generate Hemoglobin

Boron (B): Helps absorption and contributes to the growth of bone. Improve the function of brain.

Sodium (Na): Supports healthy blood pressure

Chlorine (Cl): Improves in indigestion

Silicon (Si): Helps support osteoporosis prevention

Sulfur (S): Supports health of bone and cartilage

Titanium (Ti): Vitalization of metabolism.*

Each SAC product is manufactured with the optimized combination and concentration of SAC and minerals for optimum effect for the disease it treats. Why is MarahGen much more expensive than OssoGen when both utilizes SAC with MarahGen only containing slightly more SAC?

For many aqueous solutions, it is not difficult to increase the concentration of dissolved solute to a certain level. However, raising the concentration beyond this level requires much longer time and additional manufacturing processes which raises the production cost. Because SAC calcium’s effect in our body increases logarithmically, MarahGen’s effect in our body is about 7x the effect of Ossogen, and this is delivered by increasing the concentration of the solution through special processes.

In general calcium absorption ratio is 60% in breast-fed baby, 40% in adolescent period, and 20% in adulthood. If a person takes regular refined calcium products (700 mg/tablet), 140 mg is absorbed at 20% absorption rate. However, SAC provides a very little amount of calcium even if 100% is absorbed. Could you explain it in detail how the small amount of SAC calcium (2.5 mg ~ 5 mg/day) can increase BMD (Bone Mineral Density) hundreds time more effectively than other products?

  • Assuming blood in typical healthy person is about 3 liters, calcium in the blood is about 300 mg. Of this 50% is ionized calcium (150mg) , 40% is protein calcium, (120 mg) and 10% is inorganic calcium (30 mg). If a person takes a 700 mg calcium product and absorbs 15% of it, the calcium content of blood becomes 405 mg. Physiologically active ionized calcium remains the same (150 mg), while protein calcium reaches (225 mg). Not finding much use of such big surge of protein calcium, body tries to remove it from our body, while much of it accumulate and calcify blood vessels and also form stones in our kidney.

SAC Calcium delivers 2.5~5 mg of calcium ions per dose to our body. Overall calcium content is increased to 302.5~305 mg and calcium ions to 152.5-155 mg. This slight change of the concentration of calcium ions triggers totally different response than that of protein calcium. It triggers cascade of hormonal response including thyroid hormone (calcitonin) to start osteoblast that builds bones. Both protein calcium and inorganic calcium in our blood are together utilized in this process as well as calcium absorbed from food, and thus explains the robust increase of BMD despite a small intake of SAC calcium.

Bone consists of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, collagen, and water, accounting for about 12 ~ 15 % of body weight. A person who weighs 70 kg has bone mass of about 10 kg and therefore, the total calcium amount alone in a healthy body is about 1 ~ 1.3 kg. In the case of a man with osteoporosis with T-score of -3, he lost 30% of his bone mass which is about 300 g or 300,000 mg of calcium. If his BMD returned to normal using our products in six months, the amount of SAC calcium alone, which gives 5 mg of calcium per dose, cannot account for such vast amount of calcium increase in our bones.

The SAC products boast of its anti-oxidation effect. Is the anti-oxidation effect from selenium or SAC technology?

Selenium is an excellent anti-oxidant, but the strong anti-oxidation effect of our product comes from SAC technology. They work together to boost their effects. Combined synergy effects out perform vitamins as anti-oxidant more than 1000 x in our studies.