Frequently Asked Questions

SAC Therapy helped many people and it has to be done correctly under the care of qualified physicians. When calcium homeostasis is restored, amazing healing takes place from cells to systems.

Why can't I purchase your products online directly? There is no purchase options on your website.

Our body’s calcium homeostatic system safely and effectively regulates fluctuations of serum plasma ionic calcium concentrations, and SAC therapy provides the dosage intake well within the healthy range. SAC has no known side effects or contraindications with known drugs, and for many years doctors and health practitioners around the world employed SAC as an adjunct or adjuvant treatment or even as a stand-alone primary treatment for their patients with much success.

Because of SAC’s usage in treating many severe diseases alongside both conventional and integrative treatments, SAC therapy is provided only through participating doctors with proper knowledge and training in SAC. Prescribing effecting dosage, managing patient’s expectations, and monitoring progress are required for SAC therapy to maximize the patient benefits and to arrive at the desired health outcome without complications.

For these reasons, SAC-applied products are not sold over the counter or online, unlike other supplements, but are dispensed only under the care of participating health practitioners. SAC is to be treated as therapy with strict protocols and should only be prescribed as such.

SAC Therapy recommends dosing protocols suggested by medical practioners who are participating in the therapy program.  Therefore, Pronuvia does not market products like ordinary supplements.  Though our product is very safe, physiological changes experienced by the therapy may require careful observation by physician to manage the expectation and adjust the dosage of patient’s current medications. For example, a diabetic patients may experience significant drop of his blood sugar level under SAC Therapy and the level may be too low if patient’s current medication dosage is not adjusted accordingly. Please contact your physician for more information or call our office to find closest participating physician’s office.

How should the products be stored? Is refrigeration necessary? How does the temperature affect the product?

SAC comes in colored glass bottles for a more extended preservation period. Unless it is not exposed to direct sunlight and stored below 55°C (131°F) unopened bottles of SAC will last more than ten years without losing potency. Once the bottle is opened, the product is to be consumed within six months without experiencing the loss of therapeutic potency.

As bottles are opened and closed, the air introduced can react slightly with SAC and cause minute precipitation of calcium carbonate, making the solution more cloudy, but it won’t affect efficacy much. The bottle cap should be tightly closed immediately after each dosing to minimize the exposure to air.

Once mixed with water, the solution should preferably be consumed within 10 minutes and not exceeding 30 minutes. If the solution is premixed in a tightly enclosed plastic container for later consumption, please make sure that the solution is not exposed to direct sunlight and consumed within 6 hours from the time of the mix. The container should not be too big to contain much air. However, for the best results, it is highly recommended that SAC is mixed fresh right before consumption.

No pathogens can survive in SAC solution due to the presence of a high concentration of ionic calcium.

Depending on the storage temperature, precipitation may accumulate in the bottom of the bottle which will dissolve upon shaking and won’t affect the potency of the product.

MaraGen is 2.5x more expensive than MegaGen. What is the main difference?

If each product is mathematically solved, showing the effect and performing factor numerically,
MegaGen (2.5 mg SAC calcium) is 〖log〗_2.5⁡x = titer.
If X is 5, the titer is 97.65 (5 is the number of MegaGen, which is set to the standard of about 100)

MaraGen (3.8 mg SAC Calcium) has 〖log〗_3.8⁡y = titer.
If y is 5, the Marah-Cel titer is 792.35.

However, since x and y are manufactured differently in the manufacturing process, the physical properties of calcium are different and y>5 or 〖log〗_(>3.8)⁡y.
Therefore, even if you take the same amount of volume, theoratically, MaraGen is 8 times more effective. However, since there are many variables to be considered in the body, it cannot be quantified.  In our clinical experiences, we have seen Maragen being multiple times effective in building stronger bones and turning around the disease momentum.

Absorption Rate & Effectiveness

MaraGen has 99% SAC purity and has 7.6 mg of SAC in 5 ml SAC solution

MegaGen has 90% SAC purity and has 5.0 mg of SAC in 5 ml SAC solution

Oral Intake is limited by the patient’s ability to drink 500 ml of water at a time. 500 ml of water expands our stomach for optimum absorption by diffusion and osmotic pressure.

SAC products are formulated to deliver the ideal amount of SAC for each product formulation at 5 ml of solution mixed into 500 ml of water at a 1:100 ratio. This means that the higher SAC solution to water ratio by putting more SAC into 500ml water will only reduce the absorption rate, and any unabsorbed SAC will be absorbed as protein-bound calcium in the duodenum by binding to vitamin D and not absorbed as ionic calcium.

Example of oral intake of SAC

For example, 10 ml SAC in 500ml of water has a lower absorption rate,
about 70% compared to 5 ml of SAC in 500 ml of water.

MaraGen has 7.5 mg SAC absorbed at 5 ml in 500ml

MaraGen has 10.5 mg SAC absorbed at 10 ml in 500ml

MegaGen has 4.5 mg SAC absorbed at 5 ml in 500ml

MegaGen has 6.3 mg SAC absorbed at 10 ml in 500ml

When we compare 10 ml MegaGen in 500ml of water to 5 ml MaraGen in 500 ml of water, Maragen 5ml actually delivers a greater amount of SAC in our body than 10 ml
of MegaGen, delivering more physiological effect even at half the amount of MegaGen.

MaraGen vs MegaGen Verdict :

For most patients, MaraGen 5 ml (7.6mg of SAC) will maximize the physiological ionic calcium benefits of the physiological moment, and the access will be excreted, bringing down the serum ionic calcium level to the reference level within 4 hours. For these patients, repeating the dosage every 3-4 hours will maximize the efficacy of SAC.

However, there are patients needing more ionic calcium where one dose of MaraGen (7.6 mg of SAC) is insufficient, and for such seriously ill patients, the following is recommended.

Maragen IV which delivers 15.2 mg of SAC per session. (10 ml in 250 ml IV solution)

10 ml of oral MaraGen mixed to 500ml of water, which delivers 10.5 mg of SAC at 30% loss of absorption rate but still provides a much stronger impact than 5 ml dosage, which provides 7.6 mg.

We have seen patients with big ionic calcium needs recovering with multiple doses of standard 5 ml dose of MaraGen. However, 10 ml of oral MaraGen can give that extra push. (Cost will be higher)

MaraGen is the default SAC product prescribed for all sicknesses. MegaGen is for healthy people to maintain calcium homeostasis for the prevention of diseases and the protection of overall health.

Should the supplement be taken before or after meals? What is the best time to intake?

SAC has to be taken in an empty stomach to prevent interaction with food. Also, our body is more ready to take nutrition from food after SAC calcium is in our system. Therefore, 1 hour or at least 30 min before meals is suggested. Some prefer to take it the first thing in the morning before breakfast and some prefer between meals. SAC may induce urination and thus not recommended to be taken right before bed.

SAC has to be mixed with room temperature or cold water at 1:100 ratio and taken in an empty stomach at least 2 hours after and 30 minutes before any food intake.  More than 95% of SAC will be absorbed within 30 minutes through diffusion and osmotic pressure.

Most kinds of water can be used with SAC.  Alkaline water, hydrogen water, filtered water, reverse-osmosis water, and mineral wwater all work well with SAC.  Any additives such as other supplements or food substance that may interact with SAC should be avoided as SAC will interact and lose potency. Taking SAC without mixing it with water will render it useless as ionic calcium therapy, and no hot water above 55 °C should be used.

If taking SAC 4 times a day, the suggested schedule is: at 7 a.m., right after rising up, at 11 a.m., 30 min before lunch, at 5 p.m., 30 min before dinner, at 9 p.m., one hour before bed.  Drinking much water may be difficult for some patients; however, drinking 2 L of water is recommended by many health experts.

Could you provide additional information for intake?

1) For Preventive Health :

To trigger physiological responses that tuwrn on thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroid hormone (TH), and osteoblasts involved in the strong bone-building process, about 3 mg dose of SAC seems to be enough for typical healthy adults. Therefore, there is enough SAC in one dose of MegaGen (our maintenance product providing 5 mg of SAC in 5 ml solution) to help maintain good calcium homeostasis for healthy adults.

Bone health is a good indicator of overall health. By strengthening the bone turnover process, SAC prevents age-related bone loss, which starts around the average age of 35. This natural bone loss, often exacerbated by poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, toxins, and poor gut health, lay a pathogenic pathway for many degenerative diseases.

One dose of MegGen a day, therefore, serves as proper maintenance and preventative dose for the healthy who wants to maintain good bone health, preferably after achieving a normal bone scan reading above – 1 (T-score).

2) For Degenerative Diseases:

Chronically sick patients have much higher calcium needs due to the presence of an active disease momentum. In all cases, there is a profound ionic calcium deficiency and broken calcium homeostasis for unhealthy patients. Therefore, for such patients, more SAC is needed per dose and per day to address deep calcium needs and to counteract the disease momentum.

To bring in faster systemic change and to assure a better chance for recovery, a higher dosage from the beginning of the treatment is recommended. MaraGen, which provides 7.6mg of SAC in 5ml solution per dose, is prescribed for patients with sickness, often 2-4 times a day, depending on the severity of the disease. To maintain the effects of SAC for maximum efficacy, a patient can take SAC every three to four hours, up to six times a day, if practical.

Robust bone rebuilding process triggered by SAC helps to reverse calcification, to reverse mitochondrial dysfunction, to restore cellular signaling, and to reduce oxidative stress, thus alleviating inflammation and triggering health restoration. SAC also normalizes body pH to ideal 7.4 and also corrects and strengthens our immune system and trigger the reboot of cellular health to fight the disease. Patients with an advanced stage of the disease with other concurrent calcium-related diseases may take much longer to see the desired effects of SAC therapy, however.

Why is the product mixed with water? Could the amount of water be less for those who cannot drink much water?

We recommend 1:100 ratio of SAC with water for optimum absorption by diffusion and osmotic pressure. For young people, 2.5 ml mixed with 250 ml of water will trigger appropriate responses. For adults 5 ml in 500 ml of water is the appropriate amount for desired effect. Mixing with less water does not make the solution more stronger and decreases the absorption rate, making it less effective. Water molecules clustering around SAC is what makes SAC absorbable, and thus taking SAC solution without mixing with water will render no effect at all.

Dosing for Children :

All SAC products are formulated to 60kg (132lb) bodyweight.  For children, the dosage and the water amount should be adjusted to the correct bodyweight, keeping SAC to water ratio to 1:100. For example, a child with 30kg of weight should take 2.5mg of MaraGen in 250ml of water as one dose instead of 5ml in 500ml as in adult dosage.  Teens with adult weight (50 to 70kg/110-154lb) should go with adult dosage.

Osso Jr is formulated only for healthy kids to maximize growth potential and to help with mental sharpness.  Any disease in kids, however, should be treated with MaraGen. MaraGen is safe even for babies and is to be administered through a baby bottle. (ex. 0.5ml SAC in 50ml of water for 6kg baby)

Osso Jr is recommended for ages up to 12, and kids approaching the size of an adult would benefit more from taking MegaGen instead.

Dosing for CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) :

For patients with limited fluid intake such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients (above GFR 10), 2-3 doses/day of MaraGen is recommended but with a reduced amount of water (350 ml to 400 ml) per dose, not exceeding the daily fluid intake limit set by the doctor. Absorption is compromised by 20-30% due to a lower SAC to water ratio (less than 1:100), depending on the stomach size and condition. However, it is better to take more doses of SAC than less.

SAC therapy does not put burdens on kidneys. However, for more severe patients who cannot drink much water at all, MaraGen IV treatment is recommended since it gives more potent SAC therapy with much less fluid intake. (Please refer to MaraGen IV therapy)

Once mixed with water, how long does the supplement maintain its potency? Should it be taken right away or stretched into a longer period of time?

SAC calcium is 200 times more soluble than regular non-ionic calcium products. Pulling water molecules to cluster around it, SAC molecules can retain its properties up to a day exposed to open air. It lasts up to 10 days if stored in an air-tight plastic bottle. In a glass bottle that that does not pass oxygen, it could last up to 6 months. Once mixed, we recommend the product to be taken within 10 minutes, not exceeding 30 min. However, for dialysis patients with kidney problems, intake can spread out to many hours in small sips at a time as long as the stomach is empty.

How is it possible to have the absorption rate of SAC calcium to reach 99%?

When you take 2.5mg to 5mg of SAC calcium products, the calcium is absorbed as calcium ions up to 99% through passive movement through the membrane of your digestive system, without requiring digestion.

SAC calcium has 200 times the ionization rate compared to other calcium compounds, providing more calcium ions than any other products containing calcium. There is good amount of calcium in anchovy, cheese, and bone broth but it exists as calcium phosphate with strong ionic molecular bonding. Trapped calcium in such compounds is not easy to pull free.

Moreover with calcium, what is more important is not the amount of absorption but the state it is in and the function it plays in our body respectively. Calcium ion (active calcium) plays physiologically very differently role in our body in contrast to other calcium compounds (inactive calcium) in our body. Introduction of small amount of calcium ions in our body changes pH in our body fluid which in turn sharply increases the amount of calcium absorption from food we intake and utilizes this otherwise inactive calcium for building bones.

Every product contains small amount of trace mineral. How many different minerals are used for your products? How do they work together with SAC calcium?

In addition to 28 different kinds of minerals that are included to augment the effects of SAC, other trace minerals are included, totaling about 50 minerals. Many measurement devices will not be sensitive enough to measure these trace minerals, however. Selenium, Magnesium and Zinc are more present in our products. Though all these essential minerals pray important role for our body’s health, the key ingredient of our products is SAC calcium, which delivers ionized calcium to our blood stream directly. Most minerals are found enough in organically grown vegetables.

For example, here are some known effects of minerals.

Magnesium (Mg): Liver, kidney, pancreas function, detoxification of body, regulation of excretion and sugar levels, generation and maintenance of enzymes, controlling the function of hemoglobin, carbohydrate catabolism, formation of flexible muscle, body shape adjustment and the maintenance of balance

Vanadium (V): Growth and reproduction control, bone, cartilage, tooth health, strengthening of neurons, oxidation, fat metabolism, hematogenous function, prevention of bleeding, peripheral blood vessel reinforcement, heart reinforcement

Barium (Ba): As the mixture of stable isotopes, complementary function in various metabolism in cell, essential mineral, element supporting the function of calcium

Selenium (Se): Protect chromosome from damage and promote the recovery of gene. Antioxidative activity is 2000 times stronger than vitamin E. Thyroid hormone metabolism, heavy metal detoxification, antioxidant. Maintain cell membrane.

Zinc (Zn): Boosts growth. Supports numerous bodily functions.

Rubidium (Rb): Supports balanced mood.

Iodine (I): Controls the function of thyroid

Phosphorous (P): Consists of bone structure and tooth. Maintain the balance of acid and alkali

Chromium (Cr): Normalizes the function of insulin. Supports healthy cholesterol.

Copper (Cu): Generate Hemoglobin

Boron (B): Helps absorption and contributes to the growth of bone. Improve the function of brain.

Sodium (Na): Supports healthy blood pressure

Chlorine (Cl): Improves in indigestion

Silicon (Si): Helps support osteoporosis prevention

Sulfur (S): Supports health of bone and cartilage

Titanium (Ti): Vitalization of metabolism.*

Each SAC product is manufactured with the optimized combination and concentration of SAC and minerals for optimum effect for the disease it treats. Why is MarahGen much more expensive than OssoGen when both utilizes SAC with MarahGen only containing slightly more SAC?

For many aqueous solutions, it is not difficult to increase the concentration of dissolved solute to a certain level. However, raising the concentration beyond this level requires much longer time and additional manufacturing processes which raises the production cost. Because SAC calcium’s effect in our body increases logarithmically, MaraGen’s effect in our body is many times the effect of MegaGen, and this is delivered by increasing the concentration of the solution through special processes.  Although MaraGen is more expensive, it has more bang for buck compared to MegaGen.

In general calcium absorption ratio is 60% in breast-fed baby, 40% in adolescent period, and 20% in adulthood. If a person takes regular refined calcium products (700 mg/tablet), 140 mg is absorbed at 20% absorption rate. However, SAC provides a very little amount of calcium even if 100% is absorbed. Could you explain it in detail how the small amount of SAC calcium (2.5 mg ~ 5 mg/day) can increase BMD (Bone Mineral Density) hundreds time more effectively than other products?

Assuming blood in typical healthy person is about 3 liters, calcium in the blood is about 300 mg. Of this 50% is ionized calcium (150mg) , 40% is protein calcium, (120 mg) and 10% is inorganic calcium (30 mg). If a person takes a 700 mg calcium product and absorbs 15% of it, the calcium content of blood becomes 405 mg. Physiologically active ionized calcium remains the same (150 mg), while protein calcium reaches (225 mg). Not finding much use of such big surge of protein calcium, body tries to remove it from our body, while much of it accumulate and calcify blood vessels and also form stones in our kidney.

SAC Calcium delivers 2.5~5 mg of calcium ions per dose to our body. Overall calcium content is increased to 302.5~305 mg and calcium ions to 152.5-155 mg. This slight change of the concentration of calcium ions triggers totally different response than that of protein calcium. It triggers cascade of hormonal response including thyroid hormone (calcitonin) to start osteoblast that builds bones. Both protein calcium and inorganic calcium in our blood are together utilized in this process as well as calcium absorbed from food, and thus explains the robust increase of BMD despite a small intake of SAC calcium.

Bone consists of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, collagen, and water, accounting for about 12 ~ 15 % of body weight. A person who weights 70 kg has bone mass of about 10 kg and therefore, the total calcium amount alone in a healthy body is about 1 ~ 1.3 kg. In the case of a man with osteoporosis with T-score of -3, he lost 30% of his bone mass which is about 300 g or 300,000 mg of calcium. If his BMD returned to normal using our products in six months, the amount of SAC calcium alone, which gives 5 mg of calcium per dose, cannot account for such vast amount of calcium increase in our bones.

Clinical Example) Mr. J D Kim had osteoporosis with t-score -3.2. After taking MarahGen 2.5 mg / day for 90 days, his BMD increased to normal level with T-score 0.8. This means the total calcium amount in his body increased from 884g to 1196g, giving 312 g increase. In 225ml of MarahGen which he consumed during this time, the amount of calcium is only 342 mg, which is only about 0.1 % of 312 g, giving the effectiveness of almost 1000 times of calcium increase in our bones!!! This means that calcium ions functioned as calcium enhancer (booster) in the body.

In the case of Mrs. Y H Sin, her T-score improved from -1.7 to -1.2 after 3 months. Assuming she had 1 kg of calcium in her bones in her prime time, results indicate that amount of calcium in her bones increased from 830,000 mg to 880,000 mg after taking OssoGen, displaying 50,000 mg of calcium added to her bones. She took total 360 ml of OssoGen which provided only 360 mg of calcium, which is a tiny fraction of 50,000 mg increase. OssoGen provided bone building effectiveness of 139 times that of regular calcium. With BMD increase of 29% and calcium increase of 6 %, MarahGen (J D Kim) showed 7 times faster BMD growth rate than that of OssoGen (Y H Shin).

The SAC products boast of its anti-oxidation effect. Is the anti-oxidation effect from selenium or SAC technology?

Selenium is an excellent anti-oxidant, but the strong anti-oxidation effect of our product comes from SAC technology. They work together to boost their effects. Combined synergy effects out perform vitamins as anti-oxidant more than 1000 x in our studies.

Americans consume more calcium than others. Why do we still have rising occurrences of osteoporosis?

A research from Harvard University showed that Americans intake two times more calcium than Asians but the disease ratio of heart attack and bone fracture is doubled. This means that the intake of calcium was not absorbed to bones but rather calcified blood vessels and organs, resulting in heart attack. Calcification affects not only circulatory system, but also kidney, prostate, shoulder, and even brain. It can also be a cause of high blood pressure.  Therefore, calcium utilization is more important than calcium absorption.  Only ionic calcium is physiological active but more calcium enters our body as protein bound calcium which is not an active form but rather a standby form.

What is MaraGen IV infusion? Is it more effective than Oral MaraGen?

For patients with fluid intake limitations such as CKD patients, MaraGen comes in IV form, which can be infused in an intravenous drip. The difference between oral MaraGen and MaraGen IV is that there are no other substrates such as zinc, magnesium, and selenium in Maragen IV. It is a transparent liquid with only SAC without other ingredients, as in the oral version of MaraGen.

Because of SAC’s weak sigma-antibonding, SAC entering the blood vessels disintegrates readily into ionic calcium, oxygen, and carbon dioxide due to 60 mV of weak electricity flowing in our body. Currently, MaraGen IV is shipped in the same 120ml container as oral MaraGen and not packaged in IV vials or ampoules.

During storage, MaraGen IV may build precipitation (calcium carbonate), which shows as suspended solids when the bottle is shaken. Drawing out a dose of SAC, a syringe with a syringe filter (0.22 um) attached should be used to filter out precipitates that may irritate veins.

MaraGen IV vs Oral MaraGen :

5-10 ml of MaraGen IV is mixed into 250 ml of either sterile or 0.9% saline solution bag and dripped for about an hour. Other common IV infusions such as high dose vitamin C, magnesium chloride, curcumin, etc. can be mixed in and infused together without any contraindications. Because SAC is infused directly into our system, MaraGen IV circumvents the absorption challenges of oral MaraGen through the stomach lining (mucosa), and thus a stronger dose of SAC can be given safely.

When 10 ml of SAC solution is given, up to 15.2 mg of ionic calcium is introduced in our body, and the efficacy is raised significantly higher for patients who may have more significant calcium needs. Such a high dose is, however, not necessary for patients with low calcium needs because our body can utilize only so much ionic calcium, and the access is excreted to bring the ionic calcium level back to the average level within approximately 4 hour-period.

There is no issue with contaminations since SAC is sterile, just like alcohol, and no pathogens can survive in it. MaraGen IV should be administered only in countries where intravenous treatment is legal and only by licensed practitioners.

What is Dosing Protocol for MaraGen IV?

Form & Ingredients:

Liquid in 120ml bottle similar to oral MaraGen. Identified by a blue dot in the packaging.

Maragen IV contains only SAC calcium carbonate, without selenium, zinc, and magnesium.


Open and close the bottle as quickly as possible to minimize CaCO3 formation from SAC. Need to be filtered with syringe filter (0.22um, hydrophilic) when introducing to an IV solution bag. SAC can be administered up to 10 ml in 250 ml saline or sterile solution and dripped for an hour. CKD patients can use a 100ml solution dripped for an hour. Minimum two IV sessions per day with 4-6 hours apart for most cancer patients are recommended. Adding oral intakes of one or two doses of oral MaraGen will increase the efficacy significantly. Syringe filter (22 um, hydrophilic) should be used to filter out precipitated calcium carbonate as it could irritate the vein. Precipitation is normal and does not indicate reduced potency.


Open the bottle and draw out SAC with a syringe which has a syringe-filter attached to filter out larger particles. The filter need not be sterile packaged as SAC is sterile. Close the bottle tight right away.

Remove the filter and inject it into an IV bag and drip for one hour.

Can SAC be nebulized?

SAC can also be inhaled through a nebulizer. SAC’s property is still intact, and about 15-20% of a dose of SAC (5 ml) can be absorbed through the linings of the nasal cavity and lungs. Nebulizing is only recommended for supplementing either oral or IV SAC protocol for the diseases that can benefit further from nebulizing, such as tumors or cysts in the nasal cavity, lungs, or ear canal where the absorption of SAC can directly affect the disease. Nebulizing can help many lung-related problems such as COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and cystic fibrosis.

However, nebulizing alone will not be enough for the treatment, but oral or IV SAC treatment should be considered as primary. Pneumonia should be treated together with antibiotics. A portable nebulizer is recommended for convenience.

Nebulizing Dosage

Recommended one dosage: 5 ml of MaraGen in 50ml of water. MaraGen to water ratio is 1:10. For nebulizing, either Maragen IV or oral Maragen can be used. Any water suitable for oral intake can be used for nebulizing. Do not use a saline solution.

A portable nebulizer only holds 10-20ml of solution at a time. Use a bigger machine or do multiple times to nebulize all 50ml per session. At least two sessions a day are
recommended for severe conditions.

Are there side effects or contraindications for SAC Therapy?

When a patient is in a diseased state for a while, the body is in a physiological imbalance in many ways.  Because SAC works at the systemic level by restoring proper cellular communications and rebuilding cellular functions, the body in response tries to regain balance again. Some of these reactions can feel painful and uncomfortable and thus called a ‘crisis’ at times.

Healing reactions/crisis should not be confused with side effects, which is caused by unwanted adverse effects of medications and is considered harmful. SAC has no known side effects nor contraindications with other supplements and drugs. (Any medicines that interact with ionic calcium cannot be approved as a safe drug by FDA in the first place.) SAC only increases the serum ionic calcium level by 2% per dose, which is well within the safe level.

Healing reactions/crisis of SAC therapy actually means that SAC is indeed working; however, when the pain is too much for patients to bear, the dosage should be reduced, or the protocol should stop and try again at later times.

Types of Healing Reactions :

Because SAC therapy works at most basic and systemic levels to restore the balance destroyed by disease momentum, the healing process sometimes involves unwanted pains and discomforts. Some common healing reactions include minor headaches, upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, light fever, aches in joints and muscles, skin rash, joint inflammations, fatigue, sleepiness, etc.

Patients respond differently based on their health conditions. For example, patients with heavy metal toxicity often experience skin rash as restored cells try to expel toxic metals such as lead and mercury. Patients with injuries may experience pains around old injuries. For other patients, it is the effects of rebalancing of hormones. Still, others are effects of restoring gut microbiome and gastrointestinal tract health.

Many patients do not experience any healing reactions, while others do experience it at varying degrees. Patients with advanced disease conditions with low bone density and heavy calcifications tend to experience more pains of healing crisis. For most people, these reactions are both light and short-lived, but for a small percentage of patients with substantial calcium problems (calcification) and toxin build-up, symptoms may last anywhere from weeks to months.

When the healing reaction is too strong to bear, patients are advised to reduce the dosage to the level where the healing reactions are manageable or to stop SAC therapy altogether and restart after several days of rest. Please start again at a lower dosage and increase to the recommended dosage as toleration builds up.

Minimizing Healing Reactions :

Proper nutrition is crucial for maintaining health as well as repairing health. As SAC initiates a cascade of responses in our body to bring deep healing, proper nutrient, hydration, and detoxification is recommended to alleviate and remove healing pains as well as accelerating healing.

Magnesium oil can be applied to joint inflammation to ease the pain. Oral magnesium supplements also help. (200-500 mg)

Vitamin D is not needed for SAC absorption; however, vitamin D is an important hormone that is needed for the proper functions of our body. Vitamin D level above 70 ng/ml is recommended while taking SAC, and preferrably above 100 ng/ml for cancer patients.

Patients who do not experience good bone density increase undergoing SAC therapy may try taking iodine supplements. (5-10 mg a day according to the patient’s deficiency level)

Patients who have been using steroids may experience inflammation as SAC therapy strengthens the activity of the immune system.

Patients with low body temperature may experience body aches as the immune system is strengthened and the body tries to detox, bringing acidic pH to the ideal 7.4. Body temperature rise may accompany much sweating.

As our GI tract gets healthier, detoxing may cause diarrhea, or more water absorption may cause constipation. Magnesium supplementation of 500mg a day helps relieving SAC-induced constipation.

Are there contraindications with other drugs?

SAC therapy provides what is already present plenty in our body: ionic calcium. An average adult has about 200mg of ionic calcium doing its work everywhere. Adding a tiny amount of ionic calcium to trigger and induce natural responses, therefore, has no side effects and contraindications with other supplements or drugs.

However, because osteoporosis drugs interfere with the natural bone turnover processes which SAC utilizes in building bones naturally, SAC works only when osteoporosis drugs are stopped and wears off. Please wait 3-6 months after stopping the drugs before SAC based bone-building starts.

If a patient is taking antibiotics, please space it with the intake of SAC for 2-3 hours.

If a patient is taking medicines for chronic conditions, please monitor drug dosage as patients’ condition improves (diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc.).

What conditions are treated with SAC Therapy?

Autoimmune disease (Lupus, Vitiligo, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, Ciliac disease,
eczema, MS, rheumatoid, etc)

Lyme disease, HIV,  MERs, shingles, Post polio syndrome, and other viral infections

Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s and other
Neurodegenerative Diseases

Arthritis, Gout, CPPD, Inflammations

Mitochondrial Disease

Cancer (carcinoma, sarcoma, lymphoma,
leukemia, multiple myeloma, bone metastasis)

Osteoporosis, Bone Necrosis, Fracture  Healing, Thrombosis, Hemolytic Anemia

Arrhythmia, Heart palpitation, Mitral valve prolapse

Hyper & Hypo thyroidism, Hormonal Imbalance

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

Glaucoma, Cataract, Intermittent Exotropia, Retinal Vein Occlusion

Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Epilepsy

Asthma, COPD

Menier’s Disease, Vertigo, Anemia

Chromosome 8 syndrome

Chronic Kidney Disease

Gum disease, Loose teeth

Calcium related Infertility, Dysmenorrhea, Irregular menstruation

Calcification (joints and tissues), kidney stones, gallbladder stones, Fibrosis, Calcific tendonitis

And many more. There are more than 150 calcium related diseases that causes secondary autoimmune and inflammatory responses.

What is the SAC therapy dosing for cancer patients?

Most cancer patients display low skeletal bone density and heavy calcification both in systemic and intracellular levels, which indicate severe calcium displacement caused by disturbed calcium homeostasis. Also, cancer patient’s low body pH caused by lactic acid production of cancer cells further indicates the deep need for ionic calcium as it plays a critical role in maintaining proper body pH and maximize oxygen supply.

Because cancer patient’s physiological need for ionic calcium is 2 to 5 times greater than healthy people, a minimum of 4 to ideal 5 to 6 doses of MaraGen is recommended for all stage cancer patients, thus arming the body to fight cancer. Good time to take SAC if taking four times a day is: at 7 a.m., right after rising up, at 11 a.m., 30 min before lunch, at 5 p.m., 30 min before dinner, at 9 p.m., one hour before bed.

SAC therapy is effective against cancer for the following changes to health outcomes:

1) Restores body to the ideal pH by neutralizing lactic acid and ammonia, which turns on the immune response around tumors and inhibits angiogenesis and maximizes oxygen supply

2) Restores the function of p53 gene and induce apoptosis

3) Inhibits inflammatory enzymes, such as COX-2, which spreads cancer

4) Restores mitochondrial functions and builds a strong barrier of healthy cells around cancer

5) Reduces oxidative stress, systemic inflammation, and autoimmune responses, providing anticancer physiological environment.

SAC Therapy for Cancer

SAC therapy had many successes with all staged cancer patients, including the last stage with metastasis as a standalone therapy. However, for patients on other primary therapies, SAC therapy comes as an excellent adjunct and adjuvant therapy working synergistically alongside many alternative therapies. SAC therapy, however, is not very useful if administered alongside aggressive conventional cancer treatments.

Some patients respond very well to SAC therapy and may display improved blood works and heightened energy and activity levels. However, sometimes such rapid recovery may produce contradicting medical results such as enlarged tumor size and elevated cancer markers. In such cases, as long as the patient’s condition is better and all the blood works look promising, please do not stop SAC therapy just because of the larger tumor size and increased cancer markers.

Rapid apoptosis of cancer tumors may cause cancer to look more prominent in the scans and raise the cancer markers in the initial weeks to even alarming level. In many clinical cases, enlarged tumors collapsed, and cancer markers dropped as the patients’ condition continued to improve. Some tumors were left hollow with scar tissues and began to breakdown subsequently. Please follow the SAC therapy phase 1 to 3 for all cancer stages and monitor the progress carefully with care providing physicians.  (Please refer to SAC Therapy Dosing Protocol for details)

Does SAC cause hypercalcemia?

1) SAC adds only 5mg-7.6mg of Ca2+ to 5 L of blood (average adult), which increases the concentration of ionic calcium only by 0.15mg/dL max.

2) Hypercalcemia is classified with plasma ionized calcium levels above 5.6 mg/dL  (Mild Hypercalcemia : Ca2+ @ 5.6 ~ 8mg/dL)

3) The total amount of Ca2+ in an average adult is about 250mg.  SAC only adds about 5-7.6mg, which is about 2-3% increase, well within the safe range.

4) Hyperparathyroidism causes hypercalcemia. The thyroid triggered by SAC results in the activation of osteoblast, which eases hyperparathyroidism by carrying excess calcium back to our bones.

5) By carrying excess phosphorus to bones together with calcium during the bone-building process, our body’s calcification factor is lowered, preventing further calcification.

What is SAC Therapy Protocol and its goals?

Pronuvia’s SAC therapy utilizes the world’s first calcium-ion-delivery-system called Sigma Anti-Bonding Molecule Calcium Carbonate (SAC-CaCO3), invented by CBHI, a research institute based in BC, Canada.

SAC therapy employs ionic calcium supplementation to successfully elevate the level of physiologically active plasma ionic calcium, triggering our body’s natural functions to build strong bones and re-establish healthy calcium homeostasis. Appropriating influx and efflux of calcium ion modifies mitochondrial functions, improves oxidative stress, and normalizes cellular calcium signaling, which is the key to treating chronic degenerative diseases.

By providing calcium in ionic form, which is the only physiologically active form of calcium in our body, SAC therapy addresses ionic calcium deficiency better than protein-bound calcium supplied through diet and popular calcium supplements available in the market today.

This dosage protocol guideline provides participating physicians with suggestions on how Pronuvia’s SAC-applied products can be utilized effectively in treating communicable and degenerative diseases. By eliciting calcium-sensitive physiological responses that counteract the root cause of diseases, SAC therapy is recommended as a part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. Ionic calcium treatment is still evolving and is undergoing clinical evaluations by participating researchers and doctors.  Pronuvia appreciates many participating physicians for providing inputs in fine-tuning the dosage protocol.

SAC is a nutritional supplement providing calcium in a physiologically-active ionic form, which is utilized by our body without the need for conversion from its default protein form. Because of the role of ionic calcium in communication as a cellular signaling agent, neurotransmitter, and second messenger, our body has mechanisms to precisely regulate the concentration of ionic calcium in the blood, extracellular spaces, and intracellular spaces for clear, undistorted signaling.

However, with aging, poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, and accumulation of toxins from food and the environment, the delicate balance of calcium homeostasis starts to tip over, causing both cellular and systemic communications breakdowns, which in turn triggers the onset of a host of degenerative diseases.

Being the world’s first true ionic-calcium supplement, SAC triggers our body’s natural calcium-sensitive responses that help to restore the delicate balance of calcium homeostasis, which normalizes cellular communication, restores mitochondrial functions, and reduces oxidative stress. Healthy cells lead to healthy tissues, organs, and systems, and this cells-to-systems overhaul by SAC therapy is the way how the therapy helps to reverse degenerative diseases and improve quality of life.