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Calcium homeostasis in cancer: A focus on senescence

By May 1, 2018Cancer

Calcium homeostasis in cancer: A focus on senescence

Valerio Farfariello, Oksana Iamshanova, Emmanuelle Germain, Ingrid Fliniaux, Natalia Prevarskaya

Senescence is one of the primary responses to the activation of oncoproteins or down-regulation of tumor suppressors in normal cells and is therefore considered as being anti-tumorigenic but the mechanisms controlling this process are still much unknown. Calcium (Ca2+) plays a major role in many cellular processes and calcium channels control many of the “hallmarks of cancer” but their involvement in tumor initiation is poorly understood and remains unclear.
Therefore, in this article we review some striking senescence-associated characteristics and their potential regulation by Ca2+. The main aim is to produce plausible hypothesis on how calcium homeostasis may participate in cancer-related senescence. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: 13th European Symposium on Calcium.

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