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Bendable Electro-chemical Lactate Sensor Printed with Silver Nano- particles

By May 2, 2018DNA Repair

Bendable Electro-chemical Lactate Sensor Printed with Silver Nanoparticles

Md Abu Abrar, Yue Dong, Paul Kyuheon Lee & Woo Soo Kim

Here we report a exible amperometric lactate biosensor using silver nanoparticle based conductive electrode. Mechanically bendable cross-serpentine-shaped silver electrode is generated on exible substrate for the mechanical durability such as bending. The biosensor is designed and fabricated by modifying silver electrode with lactate oxidase immobilized by bovine serum albumin. The in- sensor pseudo Ag/AgCl reference electrode is fabricated by chloridization of silver electrode, which evinced its long-term potential stability against a standard commercial Ag/AgCl reference electrode. The amperometric response of the sensor shows linear dependence with lactate concentration of 1~25 mM/L. Anionic selectivity is achieved by using drop-casted Na on coated on silver electrode against anionic interferences such as ascorbate. This non-invasive electrochemical lactate sensor also demonstrates excellent resiliency against mechanical deformation and temperature uctuation which leads the possibility of using it on human epidermis for continuous measurement of lactate from sweat. Near eld communication based wireless data transmission is demonstrated to re ect a practical approach of the sensor to measure lactate concentration portably using human perspiration.

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