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What are we?

PRONUVIA is dedicated to providing optimal health for consumers through breakthrough bioavailable SAC.

Pronuvia is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with ongoing clinical research.   Pronuvia’s approach begins by utilizing the human body’s natural potential to achieve optimal health by restoring our body’s intricate calcium balance which regulates calcium signaling. Sigma Anti-bonding Calcium (SAC) which delivers more ionic calcium effectively takes care of the age-related ionic calcium deficiency and pulls our system back into the proper balance.

Pronuvia has supported the health of over

10,000 people

that have voluntarily participated in our clinical research projects through participating physicians.

Bringing affordable, supplement-based optimal healthcare to everybody is the grand ambition of Pronuvia.

Research Team in association with CBHI (Calcium & Bone Health Institute, Canada)

  • Paul K. Lee (Chemistry, Ph.D) – inventor of SAC
  • Martin Chun (Material, Ph.D)
  • O.S. Lee (Foods Science, Ph.D)
  • Edward Lee (Materials Eng. Ph.D)
  • James Lee (Toxicology, Ph.D)
  • W.S. Kim (Material, Ph.D)
  • Chris Choe (Energy, Ph.D)


Our lab in Canada received the endorsement as a natural health product exporter, featured on 2016 & 2017 British Columbia Agrifood and Seafood Export-Ready Business Catalogue.

Our Research Partners in association with CBHI

SAC provides enough calcium ion directly into our system to trigger a cascade of natural health optimization.

Slight elevation of calcium ion concentration in our body do wonders following the natural pathways inherent in our system.*

SAC Major Benefits

SAC as
Calcium Navigator

  • Navigates calcium to where it is needed most– our bones.
  • Restores calcium homeostasis to balance calcium throughout our body*

SAC as Calcium

  • Stimulates the secretion of thyroid hormone (calcitonin)
  • Activates inactive calcium for use by the body.*

SAC as Hormone

  • Assures that calcium will directly reach the bone and will not be deposited in the kidneys and blood vessels.*
  • Helps clean up problematic calcium deposits

SAC as Bones
Mineral Rebuilder

  • Adequate SAC intake, as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in life

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